Monday, May 31, 2010

15 Weeks

.... Cant Believe that I'm already 15 Weeks!! Crazy.... He is a little picture of my ... not so little belly!

Also Moving while prego... SUCKS! But i must say i love our cute new little home... pictures coming soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and Thank you for all of those Who have and are serving for our wonderful country. Thank you!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Baby! 12 WEEKS AND 5 Day!

:: Here SHE / HE is ::
So yesterday I went to a New DR. in Scottsdale, because i was just NOT happy at my other DR. I felt like if i had any questions or concerns she looked at me like i was the mom on 19 Kids and Counting and should now what is going on with my pregnancy.... clearly this being my first baby, i did not!
So I went to a new Dr. and i must say i was a little scared because it was a male Dr. But after going to my appoitment.....He was the BEST Dr. he has a very small office in Scottsdale it is just Him, One Nurse, One office manager, & a CNA. He comes out to meet the patient in the waiting room and you meet in his office before and after you appointment to go over what you will be doing and what the results are. Also he will do a ultra sound EVERY appointment if i sweet, i will get to see my little Bean GROW! So after all the Non Fun exam, it was time to see my little baby.... I was sad that Jake could not be here again to see the ultrasound so my mom went with, it was nice to have her in there to see her grand baby...the second i looked at the ultrasound screen....the flood gates opened, i could not believe that this little thing in my belly i already love so much was right there and already so big from it 5 weeks photo shoot...I am so blessed to be having this baby even though things are not exactly in the ordered i always wanted... I'm thrilled and now that this the most amazing thing in my life.
PS. Moving in our house (renting) on the 1st YIPPY!!!

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