Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lilly-Ann Marie Martin

Its A ...............


Jake and I are not only so blessed but so excited about having a little baby girl! We had decide a while ago that we were not going to find out at the Dr. but rather have them put if it was a Girl or Boy on paper and we would take it with us to a family dinner and all find out together! BEST IDEA, One. we got to have My parents meet some of Jake's family for the first time 2. Every one was so excited together to figure out what the heck we were having.

Right when Jake and I opened the envelope with Jake ... Tears i could not believe after all the convincing i did for myself that i was going to have a boy ... i was getting the Little Girl i wanted... (even thought i would be happy ether way)

Here she is....

Her Little Foot... ( yes she has two one is just pointed )

Her little Bum and little

Her Head.. ( the Dr. said she is a crazy baby because she was doing a took 1Hr alone just to get a picture of her brain because she just was not wanting to move.)

She is Beautiful & Amazing

Lilly-Ann (her daddy picked this name right when we found out i was pregnant

Marie is her middle name after her WONDERFUL Auntie ( My Sister ) Megan Marie

Martin Last name of her daddy and of a family that will and already dose LOVE her so much

I can wait to meet her... NOVEMBER 21St 2010 can get here soon enough

Friday, June 11, 2010

JuNe 21St!

Ok... so on June 21ST Jake and I will get to find out what we are having....

Little ..

Boy ... OR Girl...

(i love this picture)

Please let me know what you think and Names...we really need help with both! Thanks

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Because my sister is so WONDERFUL.....

She got me... PARAMORE ... tickets for my birthday in September!!!

They come almost every year around the same time and i always miss there I'm putting my foot down... i will be almost 8 months prego and going to this ...AMAZING.. concert...

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010...

I will be 12th ROW with Megan rock-in out to MY all time FAV band.... Thank you Megan you Then BEST SIS EVER!!!!

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