Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lil and Santa

We took Lilly to see Santa and it was such a blast!!! Since i looked all over and i LOOKED for a Christmas outfit/dress for her to take pictures in. Jake did fine a elf outfit that we took our family pictures in but i had to pin it back because the NB size was still to i went to the next BEST thing. CAMO!!! for any one that knows me i LOVE bass pro shop sometimes i just go there when I'm stressed to walk around and look at all the stuff they have. So we went to bass pro to take Lils pictures i found a onesie that was camo with white lace on it LOVE LOVE was a little big but it will look and fit better once i dry it a few times i hope!! here are some of her pictures...enjoy!

Lilly is now 7lbs 11oz ... shes getting big yet still so little.... i just love her!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The day that changed my life forever....

November 15, 2010 = The BEST day of my LIFE


...This 6lbs 7oz little beauty, became the most amazing gift i could ever be given.

LillyAnn Marie Martin

November 15th 2010


6lbs 7oz


Lilly and Daddy ( Lilly was Born on Jakes moms birthday, who passed away 3 years was a very special day)

Lilly and Mommy ( please dont mind the fact that i look like pooooo!)

Yes ... I know we make beautiful baby's!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last Pregnancy Questionnaire

How far along? A long 40 WEEKS!!!

Weight gain/loss: 13lbs gain… not bad … not bad

Maternity clothes? Yes if I want to have pants… but I really like dresses at this time.
Sleep? Don’t get much, im a tummy sleeper and that is just not going to happen so I have been trying to get any sleep I can laying any way I can get comfy

Best moment this week? Getting everything ready for Lilly to come home….every thing in her room is washed, hung up and folded for her arrival.
Movement: this little girl has full on dance party's in my belly, cant wait to see her little toes and legs in person tomorrow!

Food cravings: SubWay….yummmm

Gender?: Girl, LillyAnn Marie Martin

Belly button in or out? : OUT and I cant wait for it to go back in!

What I miss? Well when I look at this question I can think of lots of things I miss…sleep, cute jeans, looking skinny….but when I think that in the next 24hrs my little belly will be no longer there…. It makes me sad a little that Lilly will have so many people that love her and there for her that I won’t be the only person in the world anymore that can give to her. Something to be BLESSED and thankful for but also a little sad at the same time. I will miss it.

Milestones: Making it to my due date!!!

What I'm nervous about: Being a momma! I want to give Lilly the world and make sure she never gets hurt and falls hard… but that’s not how life goes. I just want to be there for her all that I can and make sure she knows that her dad and I both love her so much and want only the best for her!

Weight gain/loss: 13lbs gain… not bad … not bad

Tomorrow is the DAY!

I cant believe that i go to the hospital bright and early tomorrow morning to be induced to have my little girl! I'm so ready for her to be here, her dad and i cant wait to hold her in our arms and give her so much LOVE! ..... well next time i post i will have a cute little girl to fill the pages up with pictures!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Pregnancy.....

Dear Pregnancy.....

As much as i want to say i love you and you are o so wonderful... I Cant...

Im sad to say that i have be 90% miserable being pregnent...I love my Little girl with all my being but it has been hard to understand that is so many ways this is a blessing!!!

Im throwing in the towel, giving up if you will on work... i have taken my medical leave until she is her, i just simply cant go on any more.

Im am so ::BLESSED:: that Jake is such a wonderful person and takes such good care of me...when i was so worried about what his thought would be about me taking time off work with out pay, he simply said " babe if you not happy...don't work...all i care about is you being happy and the heath of the baby" simply just OK with the fact that he is 100% committed to working his (sorry but..) ASS off for our little family so that i can stay home and he dose it with a smile even when he works so hard and is gone for weeks at a time. I love him so much and so very thankful to have him in my life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Belly Pic

22 Weeks!!
( this is my new maternity AZ DBACK shirt.. I Love it)

22 Weeks and 5 Day!

How far along? 22 Weeks and 5 days
Weight gain/loss: Gain 6lbs and 100% ok with it!
Maternity clothes? Must have maternity pants nothing else fits!!
Sleep? Sleep?? what sleep....I got a prego boppy deff. recommend to those who are having trouble wonders
Best moment this week? Um Having lunch with old friend and laughing so hard Lilly kicked me in the belly button...
Movement: She moves all the time...some times really fast and it feels like im going over a hill fast in a car..woozy belly!
Food cravings: salad is still my #1 and anything that is super dang spicy
Gender?: Miss LillyAnn Marie is a {GIRL} thank you very much!
Belly button in or out? : Almost all the way out
What I miss? umm.. not having mood swings...and sleeping on my tummy
What I am looking forward to? Getting her crib on Monday and painting her room this weekend
Milestones: Over half way done! Heck ya!!! WOOT WOOT!!
What I'm nervous about: delivery....that shizz is scary to think about. I know after its done i wont even remember but still a very scary thing...I want everything to go just right.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lilly-Ann Marie Martin

Its A ...............


Jake and I are not only so blessed but so excited about having a little baby girl! We had decide a while ago that we were not going to find out at the Dr. but rather have them put if it was a Girl or Boy on paper and we would take it with us to a family dinner and all find out together! BEST IDEA, One. we got to have My parents meet some of Jake's family for the first time 2. Every one was so excited together to figure out what the heck we were having.

Right when Jake and I opened the envelope with Jake ... Tears i could not believe after all the convincing i did for myself that i was going to have a boy ... i was getting the Little Girl i wanted... (even thought i would be happy ether way)

Here she is....

Her Little Foot... ( yes she has two one is just pointed )

Her little Bum and little

Her Head.. ( the Dr. said she is a crazy baby because she was doing a took 1Hr alone just to get a picture of her brain because she just was not wanting to move.)

She is Beautiful & Amazing

Lilly-Ann (her daddy picked this name right when we found out i was pregnant

Marie is her middle name after her WONDERFUL Auntie ( My Sister ) Megan Marie

Martin Last name of her daddy and of a family that will and already dose LOVE her so much

I can wait to meet her... NOVEMBER 21St 2010 can get here soon enough

Friday, June 11, 2010

JuNe 21St!

Ok... so on June 21ST Jake and I will get to find out what we are having....

Little ..

Boy ... OR Girl...

(i love this picture)

Please let me know what you think and Names...we really need help with both! Thanks

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Because my sister is so WONDERFUL.....

She got me... PARAMORE ... tickets for my birthday in September!!!

They come almost every year around the same time and i always miss there I'm putting my foot down... i will be almost 8 months prego and going to this ...AMAZING.. concert...

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010...

I will be 12th ROW with Megan rock-in out to MY all time FAV band.... Thank you Megan you Then BEST SIS EVER!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

15 Weeks

.... Cant Believe that I'm already 15 Weeks!! Crazy.... He is a little picture of my ... not so little belly!

Also Moving while prego... SUCKS! But i must say i love our cute new little home... pictures coming soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and Thank you for all of those Who have and are serving for our wonderful country. Thank you!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Baby! 12 WEEKS AND 5 Day!

:: Here SHE / HE is ::
So yesterday I went to a New DR. in Scottsdale, because i was just NOT happy at my other DR. I felt like if i had any questions or concerns she looked at me like i was the mom on 19 Kids and Counting and should now what is going on with my pregnancy.... clearly this being my first baby, i did not!
So I went to a new Dr. and i must say i was a little scared because it was a male Dr. But after going to my appoitment.....He was the BEST Dr. he has a very small office in Scottsdale it is just Him, One Nurse, One office manager, & a CNA. He comes out to meet the patient in the waiting room and you meet in his office before and after you appointment to go over what you will be doing and what the results are. Also he will do a ultra sound EVERY appointment if i sweet, i will get to see my little Bean GROW! So after all the Non Fun exam, it was time to see my little baby.... I was sad that Jake could not be here again to see the ultrasound so my mom went with, it was nice to have her in there to see her grand baby...the second i looked at the ultrasound screen....the flood gates opened, i could not believe that this little thing in my belly i already love so much was right there and already so big from it 5 weeks photo shoot...I am so blessed to be having this baby even though things are not exactly in the ordered i always wanted... I'm thrilled and now that this the most amazing thing in my life.
PS. Moving in our house (renting) on the 1st YIPPY!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

update of my prego Life....

So... Lets see... last weekend i went to Florance to have a vacation @ Country Thunder with my family...little did that happen. I was sick everyday and came home early. there for .... did NOT have fun!!! ... then once I returned home after my miserable vacation.. once again I ended up in the ER... I was so bummed not only because i had to leave work AGAIN but i just was sick of being SICK! I must also point out that i love the staff at Banner Gateway Hospital and think this is where i want to have my baby at! Everyone has always be super nice and that says alot because most people at hospital...are not friendly. BUT .. . any who... I ended up be VERY Dehydrated so for 6 hrs i sat in the ER with a IV in my arm., the pumped me full of AMAZINGNESS!! plus the gave me lots of Zofran. Needless to say... today is the first day in the last two months that i have felt normal....and I'm so so so SO thankful. But that's all there is with is a fun pick of my IV.. don't look if blood make you squeamish.










~! good!~

Pregnancy Questions ... Oo so FuN!

Kassi did this fun little questionnaire on her blog, so i thought it would be fun to fill out!!

How far along? 9 Weeks and 3 Day
Weight gain/loss: The only thing I have gained is bigger boobs, but I have lost 11Ilbs ( iv have been very sick)

Maternity clothes? Yes, and I love them…I don’t wear them yet but they are o so comfortable plus I got them on sale!

Sleep? Don’t get much, I do lots of tossing and turning threw the night..But I will take what I can get

Best moment this week? In a crazy way going to the E.R. and having Jake by my side the whole time…Plus finally getting medicine so I can Eat and Drink

Movement: none yet, too little

Food cravings: Anything Spicy… lemons with salt & Ice Cream

Gender?: Not sure yet, I think it is a Girl and Jake say Boy only 9 more week till we know

Belly button in or out? : In…for now

What I miss? To be honest, nothing…even thought I have been so sick… I will always remember the hard things I went through to have a wonderful gift in my life.
What I am looking forward to? Going to see if it is a Boy or Girl.. it will be jakes first time to see the baby… I can’t wait to see how his reaction.

Milestones: Every new day

What I'm nervous about: miscarriage, now that I’m almost past my 10 weeks I feel a little better…but It’s something always on my mind and I pray every night for heath for not only My Family and Myself..But for my little bean too.

Monday, April 12, 2010

B.B.Q & Life

I Love Sundays! Mostly because Jake is home and because if he is going out of town its the last night for usually one to two weeks i get to see him! Last night we had a big BBQ with Jake's brother it was lots of fun and lots of food.... I was in charge of making Shrimp Shish Kabob... I Have never maid them in my life and was so Super happy at how they turned out...and yes i ate one.... I know, I Know I'm not to eat shell fish pregnant but i figured since it was grilled and my mom gave me the OK...seeing is that i have not had a full meal since before i found out i was pregnant both Jake and I were thrilled that i ate a plate of food last night and it stayed down. I will say that I'm blessed to be able to have a child but in no way has this been easy on myself or Jake. Being sick = GRuMpy being pregnant and being sick = SUpEr FreAkin GRUMPY!!! Jake has been SO amazing and helping me... I know I get on his nerves sometimes because I always complain about mostly EVERYTHING!!! But he is such a wonderful person and will be a Amazing Dad!!! Love him so much!

Me and My Shish Kabob....I was so excited!!

On a better note after having lunch with my Sister Mom Jake and I on Sunday we went to Kohl's because they had 40 -60% OFF all the maternity clothes .... it was fun going and getting some cute stuff for summer...i wont need to ware any off it for probably another month or so but i will say it is SUPER comfy. Also My sister and Mom are on this baby kick of getting baby onesies...I don't know if it is a Boy or Girl ( i hope a GIRL) but they just keep buying thing any ways. LoL! Love my family! So I know there are a few Pregnant Lady's out there... hit up Kohl's i got like $350.00 worth of clothes for $120.00 Bucks!!!
(... and this is me 8WEEKS... not really anything)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thing my tummy LOVES....for Now

Every pregnant woman has her favorite ice cream....I'm sad mine is limited addition. :(
With cold Milk....any time of day is OK!

Its not Mt.Dew but .... water with Lemon is better then just sick nasty old water by its self.

Tomatoes with just a hint of salt......Yum!

Toast = Amazing for DINNER!

For some reason I'm not interested in eating a full meal of any kind i just want random food, and before going to the super market hungry was one of my favorite things to do...i AWALYS spent way to much $$$ of thing i did not need....but yesterday i tried to go with my mom and everything look disgusting!!!!! it was once strong love for food is now....gone. But any who. this is the food i

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And the BIG NEWS IS......

I'm Prago!!!
Jake and I are both VERY Excited....More pics to come soon!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Tattoo

Yes IM obSeSsEd!!!! So it is almost 1/2....yes 1/2 way done.....ahhhh the pain.

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