Monday, April 12, 2010

B.B.Q & Life

I Love Sundays! Mostly because Jake is home and because if he is going out of town its the last night for usually one to two weeks i get to see him! Last night we had a big BBQ with Jake's brother it was lots of fun and lots of food.... I was in charge of making Shrimp Shish Kabob... I Have never maid them in my life and was so Super happy at how they turned out...and yes i ate one.... I know, I Know I'm not to eat shell fish pregnant but i figured since it was grilled and my mom gave me the OK...seeing is that i have not had a full meal since before i found out i was pregnant both Jake and I were thrilled that i ate a plate of food last night and it stayed down. I will say that I'm blessed to be able to have a child but in no way has this been easy on myself or Jake. Being sick = GRuMpy being pregnant and being sick = SUpEr FreAkin GRUMPY!!! Jake has been SO amazing and helping me... I know I get on his nerves sometimes because I always complain about mostly EVERYTHING!!! But he is such a wonderful person and will be a Amazing Dad!!! Love him so much!

Me and My Shish Kabob....I was so excited!!

On a better note after having lunch with my Sister Mom Jake and I on Sunday we went to Kohl's because they had 40 -60% OFF all the maternity clothes .... it was fun going and getting some cute stuff for summer...i wont need to ware any off it for probably another month or so but i will say it is SUPER comfy. Also My sister and Mom are on this baby kick of getting baby onesies...I don't know if it is a Boy or Girl ( i hope a GIRL) but they just keep buying thing any ways. LoL! Love my family! So I know there are a few Pregnant Lady's out there... hit up Kohl's i got like $350.00 worth of clothes for $120.00 Bucks!!!
(... and this is me 8WEEKS... not really anything)


  1. Way Cute!!! Why do they have these sell when I'm all done! Love you!! Keep up the blog I love reading it.

  2. They say there's a lot of food you shouldn't eat while pregnant. I say...WHATEVER! I ate whatever I wanted when I was pregnant! I'm not saying to be reckless or anything, but don't believe everything you hear or read. Everybody's different. I'm speaking from 4 pregnancies... Eat what you can, especially if you don't have an appetite and are sick. Love you girl! I'm so excited for you!


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