Friday, April 9, 2010

Thing my tummy LOVES....for Now

Every pregnant woman has her favorite ice cream....I'm sad mine is limited addition. :(
With cold Milk....any time of day is OK!

Its not Mt.Dew but .... water with Lemon is better then just sick nasty old water by its self.

Tomatoes with just a hint of salt......Yum!

Toast = Amazing for DINNER!

For some reason I'm not interested in eating a full meal of any kind i just want random food, and before going to the super market hungry was one of my favorite things to do...i AWALYS spent way to much $$$ of thing i did not need....but yesterday i tried to go with my mom and everything look disgusting!!!!! it was once strong love for food is now....gone. But any who. this is the food i


  1. I just made a TON of homemade strawberry jam. Do you want some for your toast? Lemme know! :D Happy baby times!

  2. Ummmm heck yes i DO!!! I LOVE TOAST!!!! did not like it before but now.....YUMMMY>>> PS i miss you soooo soooo sooo soo much... i need a hair cut / trim... lets have a date!


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