Friday, October 9, 2009

Cosmetology School

That's Right....I'm going to Cosmetology School at Regency Beauty Institute! I start December 7Th and i cant wait!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Brimhall Family AKA My Best Frineds

Ok so this is little Maycee Rae Brimhall... I went and Hung out with Blake and April Brimhall last night, and i was so excited to see Maycee in this little PJ jumper that i bought for her long before she was even born!!! And i must say she looked DANG Cute! Also i would like for everyone to know that this little girl is SO happy...I mean there was not one point yesterday other then bedtime she was not smiling and just having a ball. I love her so much and so blessed that i can be a part of her life! I love you Maycee!!!!!
April and Maycee.... So Cute! April is such a wonderful mom you can just tell she is a natural!

Love the Eyes!!

She looks like she is going to cry in this pic but i think i just got it in between a laugh :)


I think at this point she was thinking.... I WANT TO EAT YOUR PHONE!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well i am back from Washington and I had the best time of my LIFE.... I will be putting up pics here i hope in the next day or two once i figure out how to put them on my computer lol.

Also why i was on my trip i did a lot of thinking...Just how i feel sometimes like i could have more or do more out of life....Then i realized that i can wait for things to just change around me i have to make the change within myself... So... I'm heading back to church the one place i know always makes me feel better and I'm going to work really hard to just do the right thing and make myself a better person. I know that some day i want to be married in the Temple and have a husband that believes in the same things i do and is there to support me when I'm struggling ... so what other way to find that then become that person myself.... This might not make since to any one but i thought i would put it on here because i love to go back and read about how i was feeling on certain days.

Hope everyone is doing wonderful. Love you ALL!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Right now i am sitting at work and I'm a really easy going person and i don't judge people....i mean i try really really hard not to because i don't like it when people do it to me! But let me just tell you One. i am a customer care agent for a Internet i get some CRAZY calls....but ler me tell you about this little town in NY called Monsey, I REALLY dislike THIS town!!! Don't get me wrong I'm sure they are nice people and all but when they call into my work asking questions about window coverings....1. They are so mean and always talk over me 2. They all live in the same apartments so they always try to bargain the prices because there neighbor got it cheaper!! 3. Let me remind you we are a Internet retail company... THEY DON'T HAVE Internet...they always want me to just pick out the blinds or tell them what the color looks like...i mean come on people we are not just working with the 8 basic colors here.... 4. They love to call in on 3 way and sometimes 4 way ( i did not even know that was possible ) and place orders as a group... they all sound they same all talk over one another and are all MEAN and they want me to do 4 orders at a time...FOOL I'm only one person! 5. they do not have email.... ( remember No Internet ) we will not do orders with out email... no matter how many time we tell them they don't get it... but good thing there is ONE person in Monsey that has an email address because THEY ALL USE THE SAME ONE!!! like i said i don't mean to be judgemental but they just drive me and every one else in my office CRAZY... PS remember I'm on a call right now taking to this lady that has know idea what to order...35 min latter, she said Oh no this is to much... i will call my husband and call you back! WHAT!!! Uhhhhhh! Hard day today......

I Love Twilight!

Love this pic!

I will be in FORKS, WA in One more Day!!! Yaya!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My family and I went to the PINK! concert last night and had such a blast here are some of the pics of my crazy family! Pink is AMAZING...

Fork, WA here i come!

So i am so excited!! My mom and i are taking a trip to WA in two days and i cant wait... Yes i am a TWILIGHT SAGA freak! We are going to spend two days in Seattle and Two days in the best place on earth FORK,WA... I will be able to do the Twilight Tour so i get to see... The Hospital where Dr. Cullen works, Forks High School, The police station When Charlie works and First Beach... along with lots of other stops.... Then i will get to drive to Port. Angeles and go eat some Mushroom Raviolis and check out the book store Bella wondered into it Twilight! I'm so freakin EXCITED i cant wait. Love my family this is going to be the Best Birthday EVER!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Back!!

Ok so yes I know I deleted my blog, but I had good reason! Everyone at work was looking at my blog and it was just creepy to me. I mean I love sharing my life with people but the creepy guy in the cube next to me.... I mean really people there are crazes out there! So here I am just looking at some of my friend’s blogs and how I so miss mine... (Even though I'm sure there were only like two people that ever looked at it) So I'M BACK! I love blogging it is like the one thing I can do to really just let out how I feel and if someone reads is SWEET and if not...that's cool too!

Nothing much is new with me other then I am having the hardest time in life, I mean really I thought things would get easier with choice I made and growing was I SUPER wrong...or maybe I just make it hard on myself.. (That is most likely it)

Well as most of you know I was baptize as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saint on March 7Th 2009, This was something I had ALWAYS wanted and knew was right for me even though I had so many people tell me I was crazy and wrong.. and then no I'm starting to realize I always pay attention to the people that are around me putting me down and somehow forget about all of the people that are standing by my side willing to help me threw my struggles most of all I forget that my heavenly father is there and loves me no matter what and wants to help me but I have to be willing to try!

I am not perfect and to most people I make lots of mistakes that yes I know myself better then to do, but you know what I'm done caring what everyone else cares about me I am 22 years old and yes I struggle just like everyone else. And I'm not even close to Perfect. But I love myself and my crazy dysfunctional family because this is what god has planned for me now I just need to take it and make the best choices I can. SO if any is reading this please I just ask that you put me in your prayers because as much as think I can do everything on my own... I can’t. I love you all!

- Lindsey

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