Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Back!!

Ok so yes I know I deleted my blog, but I had good reason! Everyone at work was looking at my blog and it was just creepy to me. I mean I love sharing my life with people but the creepy guy in the cube next to me.... I mean really people there are crazes out there! So here I am just looking at some of my friend’s blogs and how I so miss mine... (Even though I'm sure there were only like two people that ever looked at it) So I'M BACK! I love blogging it is like the one thing I can do to really just let out how I feel and if someone reads is SWEET and if not...that's cool too!

Nothing much is new with me other then I am having the hardest time in life, I mean really I thought things would get easier with choice I made and growing was I SUPER wrong...or maybe I just make it hard on myself.. (That is most likely it)

Well as most of you know I was baptize as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saint on March 7Th 2009, This was something I had ALWAYS wanted and knew was right for me even though I had so many people tell me I was crazy and wrong.. and then no I'm starting to realize I always pay attention to the people that are around me putting me down and somehow forget about all of the people that are standing by my side willing to help me threw my struggles most of all I forget that my heavenly father is there and loves me no matter what and wants to help me but I have to be willing to try!

I am not perfect and to most people I make lots of mistakes that yes I know myself better then to do, but you know what I'm done caring what everyone else cares about me I am 22 years old and yes I struggle just like everyone else. And I'm not even close to Perfect. But I love myself and my crazy dysfunctional family because this is what god has planned for me now I just need to take it and make the best choices I can. SO if any is reading this please I just ask that you put me in your prayers because as much as think I can do everything on my own... I can’t. I love you all!

- Lindsey

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